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CDNews Scanner – 4/8

Here’s the Wednesday police beat for Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. About noon, two dudes got in a fistfight while one was attempting to drive a truck away. Both men got out, proceeded to fightfight each other down Summit Ave, hung a right on Howell, came back still yelling and punching – all while leaving their truck in the middle of the road. Nearly took out a few cars in the debacle. An impressive 6-8 squads along with 3 unmarked cars swooped down in about five minutes – however, one unmarked remained in his vehicle sipping his coffee.

  2. I was in my back yard yesterday evening at about 10:30 and thought i heard a gun shot that sounded as if it was on 27th between Olive and Pine. Did anyone in the neighborhood hear anything like that last night? I called 911 and they sent a patrol car to drive through the neighborhood a couple of times. The car arrived about 5-10 min after i placed the call.