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More Illegal Dumping on 29th Ave. S.

(click in for more photos) This stuff is strewn between S. Dearborn and S. Jackson. The sidewalk along the east side of the street is impassible 10 months out of the year. Who is responsible for keeping this stretch of sidewalk clear? Someone also left an orange shopping cart further south down the road on 29th Ave. S., just past Charles. It’s quickly filling up with more garbage and it is sitting in front of someone’s house (I think it is inhabited, but not sure). What’s with all the garbage????

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  1. Make use of your city. I KNOW we have issues but REMEMBER this website:

    Departments: Planning and Development take complaints. So does Public Utilities.

    Services A to Z

    Customer Service Bureau:

    Call 684-CITY or let Nichols hear from you (he says he wants to):

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  2. I run a legitimate debris removal company that always dispose items in the proper disposal places
    the people that do this illegal dumping make it hard for the small debris removal companies
    the city need to start enforcing rules if you call yourself been in business you need to do the proper
    licensing or people of the community need start been more careful who they let provide a service to them
    the old saying get what you pay for it effects the community as whole

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  4. Yeah…

    I am continually frustrated by the regular appearance of yard waste containers that have no owner. I call the city every time and report them, and have had numerous bad experiences with them. They tell me that they aren’t responsible and won’t pick the containers up – while I calmly explain again and again that they don’t BELONG to anyone, that the transients in the area just roll them along and put their dope and needles and whatever else in there to collect later. We finally got one set removed about 14 days from the initial call date … and now? They’re back. *sigh* Time to start the process again.

  5. Hey – that would be awesome. They are on Charles, right off of Rainier (in front of the Shell station on Charles). Two yard waste containers. The rest of them are located next to an unused out-building on Charles between Hiawatha and Rainier, in a dirt and gravel ‘parking lot’. There are usually five or six of them there.

    Thanks for the help, i’m making another call about them today.