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Appeals Filed to Stop School Closures

Don’t shutter the schools yet.
Yesterday was the deadline to file an appeal in Superior Court and at least four appeals were filed. Details do not yet seem available.
The story in the PI features a story about TT Minor.

You may listen to the interview regarding TT Minor:

So far more than 200 complaints have been filed with the U.S. Department of Education which is a separate process with a deadline of 180 days following the Board action.

0 thoughts on “Appeals Filed to Stop School Closures

  1. The PI doesn’t mention that at least one appeal was filed on procedural grounds, and speaks to the District’s disregard for its own policies. The District did NOT follow the law and several schools were closed without the required public hearings.

    Anyone interested in keeping public schools in the central district (Meany, TT Minor, NOVA) or interested in quality and integrity district-wide, we’re still working on it.

  2. Thank you for still working on it.

    Yes, I believe you are correct and that more than one includes violation of procedures, not just the equity issues. You may have seen some of appeals. I have not but am look forward to becoming informed on the content of all of them. The act of filing was important. Judges can throw out and keep parts of them. I believe that the filers can also amend the appeal to some extent after filing, don’t quote me on this. During the last round no appeals were filed in Superior Court.