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Cyclists and I-90 Tunnel Safety

You may have seen on the Police Scanner that there was another commuter mugging in Sam Smith Park. As this is about the 5th time in a year that a cyclist has been attacked, Cascade Cycling Club and the City of Seattle are going to be at the Park next Tuesday (March 10th) from 4 pm to 6 pm, to provide safety information and talk to cyclists about how to make the park, and our commutes safer.

They also would like to know if anyone else has been mugged or had a close call, even if it was not reported to the police.

more information can be found on the Cascade fourms

0 thoughts on “Cyclists and I-90 Tunnel Safety

  1. honestly, i frequent that park more as a runner than a cyclist; my bike commute is a completely different route. however i do bike through the park when i go to/from the grocery store. i have had some teens (walking through the park) make movements like they were going to try to kick me off my bike. i swerve to avoid them and then they call out “psych.” i chalk it up to kids being kids but joke or not… anything that could potential cause someone physical harm is not cool.

    i can’t attend the meeting because of work but i hope you have a good turn out.