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Last Night’s Mystery

Does anyone know what was happening last night around 17th and 18th and between Alder and Jefferson around 10pm? Noticed lots of cops combing the area on my drive home last night, looking for someone. Was there a break-in?

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  1. It started when an officer tried to pull over a vehicle near 15th & Spruce, and the 4 occupants bailed out and went running in multiple directions. One was apprehended. Others were spotted by several residents in their backyards and a dog was brought in to track them, but they were not caught.

    The vehicle was registered to an address in the 5000 block of S. Leo, to a man with an open warrant. Officers recovered a bag that contained a shotgun. The K9 unit also tracked down a posssum, which was evidently cleared of any responsibility in the event.

  2. It seems a little sudden to clear the possum without a background check. Might be the one wanted for destroying my fish pond last summer…

  3. The more likely culprit for destroying your fish pond are some of the big fat racoons we have around here…. They tear up my irises