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Stranger at our Door

This past Saturday my friends and I returned to our apartment at around 1 or 2 am when we heard a knock on our door. It was strange because we didn’t go in through the front door, and there are other doors he could have knocked on. This has never happened because the door to the building is usually locked. That night, the door was broken.
When I asked who it was, a man’s voice answered that he was a neighbor from across the street. (I didn’t open the door, neighbor or not I wasn’t going to put myself in danger). He continued to say he was locked out of his house, said something about a locksmith and $3 and kept saying he was “just a black gay man”. I asked him repeatedly what exactly it was he needed, but he just kept saying the same things over and over, kind of stumbling over words. Finally, I just told him I couldn’t be of any help and I assume he just left the building.

After, I think I remember reading some posts on this website about a man saying he was locked out and needed money or something. This story just sounds really familiar. Has anyone in the area had a similar experience?

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  1. A search for door has two at the top

    A search for gay has a good story by sir mix a lot

  2. When we moved into our house a guy came to the door saying the same thing. This was 2 years ago.

  3. I think he’s actually kind of famous, isn’t he? Is there anyone here he hasn’t hit up? He’s definitely been to our house, more than year ago.

  4. I gave this guy $5 three years ago. I knew it was total BS but he had a great story – i don’t normally give out money to people who knock on my door – whether you’re selling candy, supporting forests or trying to pay your locksmith. This guy was different and i’ve had the most fun telling the story over and over.

  5. He’s hit our block (20th) as well.

    It was about 2AM about three/four (or so) months ago when he knocked on my door asking for money for a locksmith and rambling off neighbors’ names that didn’t exist. I told him that I’d call a locksmith for him (knowing that wasn’t what he wanted)… and he took off. I knew it was BS from the get-go; I could smell it a mile away and wasn’t born yesterday… but eh, he wasn’t violent, and hasn’t been back. If anything, it was more surreal/strange than anything else to have someone knock on the front door at 2AM trying to scam me.

  6. He got me last year when I moved in to my house. I was alone when I answered the door and knew something was fishy, but gave him a couple of bucks. I figured it would be easier to give him a couple of bucks and avoid a confrontation. It really creeped me out and was an eye opener. Needless to say, I am a lot more careful.

  7. Yes, I met him last summer when he came to my door during the day. He’s pretty skilled at what he does. Or so I thought.

  8. Just moved into our new house at 22nd and Fir, just got our first visit from “Gay Black Man Locked Out of House.” We used to live in Leschi, so I had read about him before. Thanks to this blog I didn’t blink an eye in closing the door on him. Good to know he’s harmless, and “kinda famous.”