Stranger at our Door

This past Saturday my friends and I returned to our apartment at around 1 or 2 am when we heard a knock on our door. It was strange because we didn’t go in through the front door, and there are other doors he could have knocked on. This has never happened because the door to the building is usually locked. That night, the door was broken.
When I asked who it was, a man’s voice answered that he was a neighbor from across the street. (I didn’t open the door, neighbor or not I wasn’t going to put myself in danger). He continued to say he was locked out of his house, said something about a locksmith and $3 and kept saying he was “just a black gay man”. I asked him repeatedly what exactly it was he needed, but he just kept saying the same things over and over, kind of stumbling over words. Finally, I just told him I couldn’t be of any help and I assume he just left the building.

After, I think I remember reading some posts on this website about a man saying he was locked out and needed money or something. This story just sounds really familiar. Has anyone in the area had a similar experience?