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Metro’s new motto – “An inch of snow – we don’t go!”

Come on Metro…it’s getting a bit ridiculous that with even just a tiny inch of snow completely shuts down bus service to the CD/Madrona. I have not seen a route 2 bus on any of the days it has snowed this winter. I have had to walk to downtown from 23rd/Union every time we’ve had even the slightest amount of snow. I did see one bus this morning walking to work…it was headed to “metro base”.

Of course I’ll also be going onto metro’s website ( ) to voice my frustration with lack of snow day service. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

0 thoughts on “Metro’s new motto – “An inch of snow – we don’t go!”

  1. I stood at the Mlk/Madison for an hour today waiting with hope. Knowing, that Metro had once again left me and all my neighbors to die (11 SUCKS!). Melodramatic I know. I sent them just a flat out “nasty” email from my cellphone. I am sure given my “verbs” that my input will not be viewed as constructive, but ##$% Metro. King county collected $4K from me in taxes last year, this year even more. How hard is it to run a bus up and down a hill on time? Yes I appreciate a hill covered in snow is not ideal for bus traffic, However when a stand at a bus stop, the road is clear and the sun is shinning, and it is cold as bawls
    -W E R E I S M Y B U S Y O U F A T U S E L E S S B A S T A R D S ?-