Metro’s new motto – “An inch of snow – we don’t go!”

Come on Metro…it’s getting a bit ridiculous that with even just a tiny inch of snow completely shuts down bus service to the CD/Madrona. I have not seen a route 2 bus on any of the days it has snowed this winter. I have had to walk to downtown from 23rd/Union every time we’ve had even the slightest amount of snow. I did see one bus this morning walking to work…it was headed to “metro base”.

Of course I’ll also be going onto metro’s website ( ) to voice my frustration with lack of snow day service. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Bus stop shelter at 25th & E Union

**UPDATE 11/21/08** The broken windows have been replaced in this shelter.

Just curious if anyone has heard what happened to the windows at the bus shelter that is on E. Union at 25th Ave. The windows facing the street are all broken and there’s a bunch of glass laying inside the shelter. I couldn’t tell if it was gunshots or maybe a baseball bat that was used…it was too dark to tell this morning. I’ve sent in a request to Metro to get it fixed. I also suggested that they turn this shelter around so that the opening faces the street. Due to the drug activity in this shelter, I think if it was turned so the opening faced the street, at least the police would be able to see directly into the shelter to catch the drug dealers/users.  See my previous posting: 

I’d like to encourage others to write in or call metro to help get this shelter turned around to face the street. You can contact metro using their customer service page: and using one of the contact options on the left side of this web page. 

Bus stop shelter drug activity at 25th & E Union

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the drug activity in the bus shelter at 25th & E Union (on the north side of Union heading towards downtown)?

I called in to 911 at approx 6:55am to report about 6 to 8 people in the bus shelter dealing and smoking drugs. As they saw me calling the police, they started to scatter, but I was able to describe 3 of the suspects (see below). I should have used my cell phone camera to take pictures (maybe next time). Since they were starting to scatter, I got the impression from the 911 dispatcher that they were not going to send anyone to investigate…aargh!!! As much as I like the bus shelter, I would like Metro to remove it. I’ve lived in the neighborhood and taken this bus for over 12 years now. I’m sick and tired of the urine smelling, drug infested bus shelter that I’ve seen a multitude of people either dealing or doing drugs in and sometimes they are just completely passed out in the shelter. I would love to get these peoples pictures and just post them on the telephone poles around the neighborhood.


White male approx 6 ft tall, shaved head, wearing a peach colored shirt (sweat shirt type) and black running pants with 2 white stripes down each side.

Black female approx 5’4″ wearing a black hat, black jacket, khaki pants with multiple zippers and shoes that were like a sandal/flip flop. The white male was lighting up her pipe for her.

Black male approx 5’7″ wearing black jacket and bright red baseball hat. Baggy black shorts.

That’s all I could get out to the 911 operator before the bus came and I went off to work.

Anyone missing a kitty???

We’ve had a very friendly kitty hanging around our house. The kitty appears to be a male, black and gray tiger stripe, very friendly (except for trying to attack the neighbors chickens) and is wearing a black collar with white or black and white dice. It’s coming to our house through the alley between 24th & 25th / between E Pike and E Pine. Perhaps this is a kitty that’s new to the neighborhood as we have not seen it until yesterday or today. It’s too dark outside right now, but if I see the kitty again I will try to get a picture to post.