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Immortal Dog info

Hi neighbors…..

I wanted to update you on some of the incoming products that have been requested by customers.

Next week, I will be receiving 2 varieties of frozen raw food for dogs and cats (including an organic product). If you have ever thought of feeding raw as a complete diet or as a supplement to your pets current diet, come see me and let’s talk raw. I would love to share with you how this type of feeding can benefit your pets health.

I should be receiving the Orijen food line within 2 weeks.

I have a variety of kibble puzzles for your dogs arriving soon. Ask me why your dog should work to eat!

I will have a couple new biscuit flavors arriving fresh from my kitchen soon : Sweet Potato Bacon and Apple Cinnamon.

Also, I should be receiving a small selection of small animal products (bird, rabbit, hamster) next week as well.

Some have asked after different food brands that I am not currently carrying. I will not carry foods that have been a part of any recall (Nutro, Blue,Royal Canin, Science Diet, etc.). My food selection tries to focus on diets that are the best for your pet based on research and product testing. If you are feeding something that I do not carry, let’s talk about what I can offer you.

I am passionate about your pets nutrition. I continue to research foods, and products to ensure I can assist with putting together the best diet for your pets.

Stop in and see me and lets geek out over pet nutrition.

Have a great weekend.

0 thoughts on “Immortal Dog info

  1. Hi Nicole,
    It’s Kedra with All-Purpose up the street…

    do you have XXL dog beds (one that would fit my mastiff?)

  2. hi kendra,

    i am pretty sure i can find one his size. we would need to order it in for you, but then you could pick out the fabric and style. come on in and i will show you some catalogs.


  3. hi greg,

    not sure exactly what you are looking for. in my previous life (before Immortal Dog) i had a college degree for an area not at all pet related. and a long career in a non pet workforce.


  4. Hi Nicole,

    Sorry, maybe this is not the right forum for this question, but what is the recall on Nutro all about? I feed my puppy Nutro and she is doing fine, but I am concerned. Also, one product suggestion, have you heard of those boiled wool dog toys from a company called Cheerful Pet? They are made from a Nepalese coop. They are THE BEST dog toy in the world. Reasonably priced, unique, safe, and very indestructible. A lot of stores in Seattle are beginning to carry them. Plus they support a group or artisans. I buy lots of them for my dog and have been buying them for friends. Love your store. Plan to stop by tomorrow.


  5. Hi

    I actually do carry the Cheerful Pet toys. They must have come in right after your last visit. I love these toys. They are wonderful for all the reasons you pointed out.

    About Nutro, the FDA has a website listing all of the brands that have had any products recalled since March 2007. Most of the recalls were based around grains and poultry from China and a lot of canned foods. There are a lot of foods on this site and I am trying to stay away from them. I am sure your puppy is fine. And overall the food is good. I am just wary to bring in a brand that has let this type of situation happen. If you are interested in changing foods in the future, I have several foods similar in make up to the Nutro foods.

    thanks !!! hope to see you soon