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Man shot in the leg at 24th and Lane – Updated

At 3:40PM a man was shot in the leg at 24th Ave S and S Lane St. He is alert and conscious. The suspect is wearing a yellow jacket and is driving a silver Cadillac sedan with three passengers last seen heading Southbound.

This all started with a call to 911 reporting that several kids were hiding from a gunman in Red Apple at 23rd & Jackson. When police arrived, they were flagged down by a witness in the parking lot who reported seeing a man with a gun in his waistband who got into a black Impala and drove away to the south. 

A search of the area found that Impala about one block away at 24th & S. Lane, where police found one occupant with a gunshot wound to the leg. Medics responded to the scene and were seen to be applying bandages to what was apparently a relatively minor wound.

It appears that he was shot around the corner in the 500 block of 25th Ave S.  Police were collecting spent shell casings and projectiles from the area in front of a house in that block.

Witnesses reported the shooters as being associated with the silver Cadillac, which was spotted by officers and stopped in the South Precinct at Rainier & S. McClellan.  The witnesses were taken to that location and provided a positive ID for the vehicle and one suspect, described as wearing a yellow jacket. That suspect was taken into custody by police and taken to the East Precinct for further questioning and investigation.

The scanner traffic indicates that there are a total of three parties involved here:  the kids in Red Apple, the victim and his associates, and the suspect(s) who were stopped down South.  Reportedly one of those groups contains known members of the 74 Hoovers gang from South Seattle, but it’s not clear which at this point.

Update: 3:55PM A silver Cadillac has been stopped at Rainier & McClellan and four men are being detained, the driver is wearing a yellow jacket.

Update x2:  by scott at 4:05pm – I just got back from the scene where the victim was being treated for his wound. Police also appeared to be looking for shell casings one block over on 25th, just a couple of houses north of the intersection with S. Lane.  There were two other occupants of the victim’s vehicle who were being searched by police.

Update x3: Police are finding spent projectiles and shell casings in the 500 block of 25th.  

Update x4: Here’s a blurb from SPD’s blotter with a few new details:

On February 27th at approx. 3:39 P.M., an employee of a store in the 2300 Block of South Jackson, called 911 and reported that several teenagers were in the store hiding from someone outside with a gun.  As East Precinct officers arrived several gunshots were heard from the east. Officers located the male victim in the 500 block of 25 Avenue.S.  The victim sustained a non life-threatening gunshot wound to the leg.  A suspect vehicle description was given as a silver Cadillac occupied by several black males.  Officers observed the suspect vehicle at Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and South Graham Street.  The suspect vehicle was eventually stopped at Rainer Avenue South and South McClellan. Four occupants were contacted and placed into custody.  The suspects were transported to the East Precinct where Gang Unit detectives conducted interviews.  Subsequently, the interviews verified the location of where the suspect hid the handguns after the shooting.  The Gang Unit with the assistance of East Precinct Anti-Crime Team  and SWAT served a search warrant at a residence in the 2500 Block of  South  Norman Street. Both handguns used in the shooting were recovered along with numerous other ammunition.  Three of the suspects were booked into the King County Jail, and another was interviewed and released.  The Seattle Police Department’s Gang Unit is conducting this investigation.


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  1. I’m watching them take care of this guy. It was only after reading this report by cdguy that I knew anyone was hurt. It took a good 5 minutes for the medics to arrive and the guy is still laying on the street, looking seemingly unphased while he talks with his friends and the police. Just figured out that the well informed man with the camera is infact cdguy! Thanks for what you do cdguy–without Central District news we’d be ill informed because god knows other local media doesn’t find this sort of news important.

  2. Thanks Scott–sorry for the mistaken identity.

    Gang related? I’d venture to say yes, very much so.

  3. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to avoid red apple, now that it’s being used as a refuge from gunfire (and the parking lot being cruised by impalas and caddys) I will definitely stay away.

    This is why I shop at Uwajimaya… no guns there and no cadillacs.

  4. …who say the police don’t care and don’t try to catch these guys, here’s a case that suggests otherwise.

    Nice job, SPD.

    The difference here seems to be that SPD had cooperative witnesses. Maybe “no snitching” is starting to be recognized as the “dead end” it literally is.

  5. In LA, I think, they do occasional gun trade-in programs where people bring their guns and they get $150 in gift cards. The guns are then destroyed. Clearly there are too many guns in our city, and this is a recession… It couldn’t hurt!

  6. There are three possible locations in this article where the shooting could have taken place. Was it Red Apple, 24th & Lane, or on 25th? From what I pieced together, the victim was seen getting into the black Impala, but from what initial location? Sounds like either the parking lot of Red Apple, or just east of on 25th.

  7. Based on update 3 (above), it sounds like the shooting must have happened on the 500 block of 25th, since that’s where they found casings. Unless there was shooting going on at more than one place.

    It seems odd to me that no one called in the shooting (shots heard/shots fired) – all this activity started with the call about the kids in the grocery store.

  8. Sorry for not being more clear – it appears that the victim was shot in the 500 block of 25th south, where the police recovered evidence of spent ammunition.

    What’s not clear is when and how that happened in the timeline between Red Apple and the parking lot.

  9. I almost bought a house on that block in 2002. My realtor said the nabe was “turning the corner.” I finally couldn’t believe it, and for once in my life I was right. Judkins Park still has one of the worst vibes in the whole city.

  10. FYI, from the pictures, the location where the victim is being treated is 24th AVE S, not 25th. The background is the woodworking shop.

  11. We live a block from this shooting, heard it, but did not call the cops as there were so many shots fired, that while the first one sure sounded like gun fire by the time it was the 11th or 12th shot, my pal and I assumed it was firecrackers!

    I really want to believe Judkins Park is a neighborhood that is getting better and better. Certainly, there’s plenty of involved neighbors with good ideas (as witnessed at the packed four hour community meeting this weekend), but we need more help from the city to get the gangs off the streets so that Jackson from 20th to 28th is safe to walk and pleasant, otherwise no one will try to open new businesses. It’s perhaps the least safe commercial district in the city.