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Central District Businesses are being targeted for break-ins Tougo Coffee Co was Hit

Good morning CD Community, I hope this day finds you all well.

I wanted to make everyone in the Business community, and home owners aware that there have been a rash of burglaries in the CD. It was brought to my attention that The Last Waltz was broken into last week, and that Katy’s corner was also broken into a couple of weeks ago. Well yesterday morning between the hours of 12:30 AM to 1:30 AM Tougo Coffee Co was targeted. The culprits broke in through the front door stealing the coin box. We do have an alarm system which thankfully links up with the Seattle PD, and ADT so it was only a matter of minutes before the Police did show up.

I am posting this as the entire community needs to be aware that we will see more and more crime happening has the as we continue to struggle with a declining economy. I think we should all be aware, and be able to collaborate with one another to keep our neighborhood safe from break-ins, or worse.

If you do not have an alarm system it would be wise to do so, and even setup a little video camera over the web so you can have live feed to give to Seattle PD.

Thanks guys.


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  1. The web cam is a great idea. I just went on Amazon and you can get a decent web cam for about $30! I worked for a construction company and we would use them in our job trailers and caught a number of people using them. Easy to setup and a great investment.

  2. because then you can’t fly around doing 50mph on 23rd in your kick-ass police cruiser!

    When you’re speeding through the CD doing loops on the main strips, it heightens your senses and you can “see” crime better.

    Even TWO beat cops in CD doing the rounds would make a *HUGE* difference, but we will not get that. That is not how SPD works. Here is their MO: No patrols or neighborhood visibility, but if you phone them up after something bad, and they’ll have someone speed over after the fact and sit in the car for a while.

    How about a dude whose job it is to wander a loop between 18th and union, up to 23rd, over to jackson, up through the neighborhood to mlk, loop back and do it again? Maybe get creative and do it in reverse or change up the route. Hell, four guys could patrol the entire east precinct 24 hours a day for the money they waste idling their cruisers alone.

  3. at last night’s EPCPC meeting, when somebody asked about the drop in center, the assembled officials looked at each other like, “who wants to take that one?”

    hot potato. we need to ask them why they aren’t using it more often, particularly since there is pretty much an open air drug market right there. you think the peddlers don’t love the fact that they can do whatever they want in front of a “cop station”?

  4. I have never seen a cop on foot in CD.

    Are the dealers or the crazies throwing punches at people near bus stops supposed to go to the drop-in center and turn themselves in?

    No. Instead, a cop on a mountain bike should be within 50 yards, ready to pounce on anyone disturbing the peace.

  5. I will look into the Webcams your purchased, and hopefully i’ll be able to install them on the 18th ave block, assign a static ip addy so the rest of the BD can view anytime.

  6. If you were around during the WTO protests, yes there was incompetence. But, we really ended up worse because of our reaction in my view. Then after the Mardi Gras fiasco, which ran live on NWCN, Nichols and Gil were saved by the earthquake.

    Gil CAME from DC and he should have known better. I would not repeat some of what Dc does as the ‘security checkpoints’ never brought down the murder rate. But, we sure had foot patrols and we knew it. Had the tickets for parking too close to a driveway to prove it. The open air drug market a few blocks up cleared out. They were just around and present. It kept my neighborhood much nicer.

  7. Why would the east precinct cops hang out in the CD when they can patrol the beautiful and peaceful streets of Madison Park and Washington Park and hang out in the Madison Park Starbucks lingering over coffee. Seriously, go down to that neighborhood during the day if you want to find a cop.

  8. last waltz has actually be broken into three times in the last three months. all three times they’ve attempted to come in the back door; their most recent attempt was thwarted by my husband who happened to be walking in the front door as they were trying to come in the back.

    i think it’s interesting to note that these folks have passed up opportunities to take computers, ipods and other valuable items. they seem to be after the cash only, and are happy to get away with a relatively small amount.

    also, these break-ins have been fairly loud affairs – a lot of pounding and prying and hammering. these guys aren’t picking locks, they’re forcing their way in.

    i think the cameras are a great idea, and i also think that general awareness is a good idea too. if you hear a weird noise, just stick your head out the window to investigate. i know that i am used to thinking of this neighborhood as safe and relatively crime free, and i’ve definitely had to change my behavior to adjust to the changing reality of the cd.

  9. I know your all sick of it but I feel the need to say it again. We are in a contaimant zone and unless we file a class action lawsuit NOTHING will happen.

  10. Sorry to hear about the break-ins. The culprits sound really really dumb, which scares me.

  11. A couple of items: About three months ago as I was doing my usual 7:30 a.m. commute to work, I saw a man scaling the fence partway down the hill on Union (behind all of the 18th and Union businesses). Strange thing, I think to myself, that he’s coming out of the fenced-in area. My first thought was to call the police, but I thought to myself what good would that do, other than alerting them to the fact there was recently a break-in (which they would have likely been aware of by the time I got to work anyway)? It wasn’t like I had any very useful description of the individual to give them (I know some CDN readers will appreciate mention of that). Besides, I’m quite convinced the police (sorry guys, hate to rain on your blues show) would rather harrass me for “jaywalking” (since when is crossing on the flashing red hand with numbers counting down jaywalking?) as I leave my social services job downtown and scramble back to the CD to pick up my two-year old at his grandmother’s house. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the way I look, though. Learned helplessness, btw, only benefits those in power. If I thought violence would solve anything, hell yeah, I’d say smash the state, too. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to stop being assholes to each other (not holding my breath).