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Can we save our schools, yes we can! Read on!

On Thursday February 26 at noon Espvison in concert with NAACP will
hold a march and rally to “Help us fight to keep our schools open”. It
will begin at the Garfield Community Center, then a march to the rally
scheduled for 1:30 pm @ 915 2nd Ave downtown (office of the US Board
of Education). NAACP will deliver to the Board complaints that are
being filed.

Here is the flyer that describes the concerns of Espvision, the
purpose of the rally and logistic details:

0 thoughts on “Can we save our schools, yes we can! Read on!

  1. Thanks for posting, Falcon.

    As Joanna noted earlier, there is also an appeals process. We are working to file appeals by the 30 day deadline. If there are any legal folks who would be interested in helping NOVA and SBOC appeal their moves and co-house, please let me know. The simplest grounds could be that each program is being moved from a building that has been seismically retro-fit to the Meany building which has not. There are additional grounds for appeal for these, and every other proposed change.

    And if you’re on the fence, thinking about the tough economic times, please know that the district is not financially responsible. These moves/closures do not address the root cause of the budget short fall AND do not provide the solutions that could keep us from round 4 of closures in a year or two. If you have budget/book keeping experience and want to help, it has been suggested that we compare the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report with the stated annual budget. Also, that we request a forensic audit of the district.

    As Falcon says, it’s not to late to get involved. Please write me if you can help with either of the above. Thanks.

    [email protected]

  2. Yep, there’s plenty of speculation about that. Same was/is true of MLK and the Bush school. SAS and Bush are fine schools, but public schools should be public. The central district should not be gutted, leaving a scar that that divides the city along north/south lines. This decision is ridiculous and the city should NOT allow for it.