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Squire Park Community Council Meeting


The Squire Park Community Council held it’s quarterly meeting today at Historic Firehouse No. 23 (East Cherry and 18th).  The meeting was well-attended by the community.  The main issues of discussion were to proposed school closures in the “Central cluster”, proposed development along 18th Street at the Swedish Cherry Hill Campus, and the election of board members to the Squire Park Community Council.

Read the latest Newsletter here.

Proposed School Closures

Seattle School Board Director, Mary Bass, was on hand to address community concerns regarding the proposed school closures in the Central Area.  Both Ms. Bass and the community strongly oppose the closures, noting that the central area would be the most effected area in Seattle.  Capacity in the neighborhood will become increasingly important as the area becomes more dense and new developments, such as Squire Park Plaza (just completed) and the proposed redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, come online.

The final Public Hearing on the Capacity Management Motion will occur on January 22.

The school board will vote on the motion January 29.

More information is available at the Seattle School District’s “Capacity Management” site.

Swedish Cherry Hill Campus Development.

Another hot topic on the Agenda was a presentation given by Swedish Medical Center’s Darren Redick, who presented an update on proposed changes to the Major Institution Master Plan to allow development along the Cherry Hill Campus‘ 18th street border.  The original MIMP adopted in 1994 called for a number of community amenities on that street, including a day care an a gym.  The “minor amendment” that Swedish (and its development partner, Sabey) requested apparently would not include either neghborhood amenity.  Representatives of Sabey did indicate that there would be street level amenities to create a pleasant green corridor for foot and bike traffic as well as street level retail, such as coffee shops and delis.  The Cherry Hill Citizen’s Advisory Committee has not been receptive to the proposed changes and objected to the amendment being classified as “Minor.”  It’s now up to the Seattle City Council.

Vacant Board Seat’s filled:

8 vacant board seats were filled, giving the Squire Park Community Council a complete board.  The next board meeting will be held February 3rd at the Prat Fine Arts Center.


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