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Bad Wreck at 32nd & Yesler – Updated x6


We heard sirens and looked on the 911 page to find a “Rescue/Heavy”, which usually means a bad car wreck.  More details from the scanner soon…

Update: 12:04am – We’re not hearing anything on the scanner yet.  If any readers are in the area, please let us know what you see 

Update x2: 12:07am – Got something now – this started as a hit & run at 23rd & Yesler that was witnessed by a cop. She began a pursuit of the gold jeep that was involved, headed eastbound on Yesler. The car continued past 32nd where Yesler dead-ends down the hill, flipped over, and caught on fire.  Both suspects are still in the vehicle.  One unconscious, one bleeding from the face.  Small fire in the engine.  Downed power lines are in the area. 

Update x3: 12:11am – Eastbound traffic on Yesler is being shutdown at 31st.  901VJF 

Update x4: 12:28am – The passenger told police that there were only two in the vehicle.

FYI – There’s also a domestic disturbance in the 500 block of Lakeside Ave S, where the wife is beating on the husband

Update x5: 12:17am – Officer asked to make a blood run

Update x6: 12:33am – Victims/Suspects taken to Harborview.  City Light is on scene to deal with the downed lines.


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  1. I was wondering what this was all about. Awoke Saturday midnight to several minutes of sirens, fast cars, etc. Thanks for the post.