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No Assault at 1200 Jefferson, Nazis in U-District

We’ve received a few emails from people concerned about the “Assault w/weapons” medic response that popped up on the 911 page at 3am this morning. We checked with SPD and found that it was minor and no one was found injured. 

A caller to 911 had reported shots fired and that a police officer had been hit in the 1200 block of E. Jefferson.  This started a large police and medic response, but after investigation they found that it was a false report. It’s not immediately clear if anyone will face charges for the waste of manpower.

In investigating that, I found out about a crazy event that happened at almost the same time up in the U-District.  In that case a man wearing an old military uniform was shot by police officers after he refused to put down a weapon. It all started at 1:55am when 911 operators received multiple calls of shots fired in an alley behind the 5200 block of 17th Ave NE. Callers said that up to five white males in their 20s were involved, with some wearing military uniforms.

Officers responded and entered the alley from the north and began checking nearby houses. In that process they saw a man emerge from one residence carrying a long military-style infantry rifle, complete with a long bayonet, and dressed in a german military uniform. Officers identified themselves and directed the man to drop his weapon, but he refused to comply and instead pointed the rifle in the direction of the officers.  Police opened fire and struck the suspect multiple times.  The suspect was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

When officers searched the house, they found a large amount of military and Nazi regalia inside, along with a large quantity of booze. It’s unclear if the booze was also of WWII nazi vintage.

Police believe there is one suspect still at large in this case, possibly armed with a rifle or shotgun. He’s a white male in his 20s, and may be wearing a military uniform.  Authorities ask anyone with information on him to call 911.


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  1. I was pretty amazed to find this story sitting out there this morning in the 911 logs and on the police public info line but not yet covered by anybody. I went ahead and wrote a short note on Twitter — need a ‘hood blog in that area soon.

  2. I heard on the scanner an officer reported hearing shots in that area, and was misinterpreted to mean that the officer was involved. It was clear that he was running at the time he called it in, only adding to the confusion.

    I don’t know what source is used here for the claim of a 911 call creating the false report, especially if an officer nearby is reporting hearing shots.

    And the incident in the U. District was several minutes old when this call came in.

  3. PI article linked to above:
    ‘Kappel said the 911 call came in at the same time a call came in, which later turned out to be untrue, that an officer had been shot on Capitol Hill, causing police to respond to what they believed was a second serious incident.’ Cap Hill????

  4. As someone who loves to read about WWII (and comes from a family that became refugees because of it), I can tell you this guy was NOT a Nazi. He was a collector of WWII memorabilia, which unfortunately includes Nazi gear. He probably also had a bunch of Polish, Russian and US gear too. He’s a collector, that’s all.