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Rollover Wreck at MLK & Norman

An accident popped up on the scanner a while ago, blocking both lanes of traffic on MLK at Norman. I went to check it out and found a gold SUV that had rolled over onto its top.

It’s not clear yet what triggered the accident.

I spoke to Tim who lives right in front of where the accident happened, and he said that only the one vehicle was originally involved.  They heard a crash and assumed it to be from the construction site across the street, but when they looked outside they saw the turned-over vehicle. A large medic response rescued the woman from the vehicle, and Tim says that she was alert and conscious and appeared to be in good shape considering the severity of the accident.

Unfortunately both of Tim’s vehicles were parked in front of their house and suffered serious damage in the process. 

Northbound traffic on MLK is still being detoured while police finish their investigation.  Southbound traffic is getting through, but may encounter delays.






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  1. I just left my home on the bike for a trip to Seward Park when I came across this car and a water service truck, no emergency vehicles there yet. I took a few pictures right away and some later as the driver was pulled out by SFD. I was unable to see what caused the crash. If anyone is interested in the pictures, write in.

    Many people say they feel safe driving large and high vehicles. But the statistics show that these top heavy vehicles are difficult to maneuver, unstable and trip & tip over easily. Just last May 21 I took pictures of another suv that ended up on its side at MLK and S. Lane. That one was broadsided by a car that ran a stop sign.

    If you follow your fears without checking the facts, you can be very vulnerable to being tripped up. Bicyclists are most vulnerable to this, as the city is painting bike lanes right into the pavement that prescribe high crash behavior, contrary to the safety training of bicycle driving experts and instructors. Most bike riders just “feel” safer in a “bike” lane, while they fail to check for healthy behaviors.

  2. Who knows if these folks were, but there is nutty fast driving going on up MLK, including people passing in the center turn lane, often. While, I’d rather have the cops working the gang beat, boy howdy, from McClendon to Jackson could use an occasional speed trap.

  3. I agree with KG about the crazy speeders & passers on MLK. Is this something that could be addressed (speed trap…) with a bunch of calls to the police non-emergency line?

  4. I have lived on MLK for a few years now, and there is occasionally a speed trap set up right by where this accident took place, but it doesn’t happen that often. I too have seen many people pass or drive much faster than the 30 MPH limit through this section.