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CDNews 2008: Top Videos

At the beginning of this little project we had intentions to do a lot more video. But we totally discounted how much time it takes to edit, encode, and upload video clips (especially with what passes for broadband around here). So most of the time the video camera has only been brought out for the big news events.  But it has been good to have a camera handy to capture the mood and environment for those occasions. 

First, here’s a fun one from the snow that was uploaded by laurenjack:

Sledding at Mezzaluna – 12/22/2008


And here’s the top 4 most viewed videos for 2008:

Shooting Outside Garfield Community Center – 476 views – 12/16/2008:


Shots Fired Near Garfield – Two Victims – 449 views – 10/31/2008


Two People Shot at 23rd & Union – 443 views – 1/30/2008


Fatal Car Wreck at MLK & Jefferson – 2/28/2008 – 435 views


You can see the full list of most-viewed videos at

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