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composting advice, please!

Hi there, can anyone give me advice on how to start composting? I hate throwing away food scraps that could otherwise be used. The problem is, I live in an apartment building, no garden, and very little yard. I looked up composting on the Seattle Public Utilities site, and I see I can buy a compost barrel, but what would I do with the compost when it was ready? Could I take it to my neighborhood P-Patch (I’m on the waiting list), or somehow find someone who could use it for their garden? I would love to get the other folks in my apartment building involved, if I could figure out what to do with the compost. Thanks for any tips you can provide!

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  1. You might look into vermicomposting – it is easier to do in small spaces than a regular compost pile.

    You can also just throw your food scraps in the yard waste bin.

  2. Scott over on 25th and Spring owns this business:

    Maybe he can help you figure out the best way to compost in your apt and where to donate it until you are off the P-Patch waiting list.

  3. I am with you. I hate to throw away food scraps. First, I would check if your building either has curbside composting or a yard waste bin of their own. If yes to either, then I would buy one of those tabletop compost bins with a filter on the top. They sell them at City Peoples Garden on Madison. Next I would get a compost bag at any of the grocery stores around to use in the compost bin. If your building does not have their own yard waste bin or curbside compost (which some have) then I would maybe inquire with the city on what you could do or send a note to the landlord/condo board, etc of your building. It takes ahwile to compost food, and in a very small (or even no yard space), using any composting methods can get messy.