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Don’t Forget the Schools, updates

Rally and March against the current proposal
January 25, at TT Minor, 2:00 P.M. to Garfield Community Center

See this article in Colors Magazine:
Another link:

Board Amendments:
Just prior to the break at last night’s School Board meeting, Board President Michael DeBell announced that School Board Members may submit amendments to the
Superintendent’s proposal until noon, next Tuesday, January 27. This was in response to an inquiry by Cheryl Chow and Michael indicated that the plan was to include this information later, later when few public observers would have been present. I appreciate Cheryl making sure that the Board process for
changes to the proposal was clarified while some of us were still there.
The final document on which they will be voting will then be posted on
the School District web site on Wednesday morning.

On KUOW this morning Michael DeBell also indicated that the final proposal is likely
to be quite different from the current proposal. We may be repeating ourselves, nonetheless, continuing to lobby and working to to get your message to the Board members is important.

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  1. It was sent to me in an email.

  2. This is an all-city, family-friendly event with music, food and good company. Come share your school’s success stories, voice frustration, or just find out what’s going on.

    Will it make a difference? Maybe if Seattle wakes up to realize that the impact of this process is not limited to affected families. Public schools need community allies, closures or not.

    Can’t make the march? Join us at Garfield Community Center anytime between 2:30-5ish.