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CD News Police Scanner – 1/22

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, January 22, 2009

0 thoughts on “CD News Police Scanner – 1/22

  1. Why is there a police helicopter circling if it was just a two car accident with no injuries?

  2. We didn’t hear anything about a helicopter, and usually King County’s Guardian 1 isn’t up until later in the evening. Could it have been a traffic chopper reporting on I-90?

  3. I checked real time 911 when the kiro helo was buzzing my house, there was a car wreck on mlk.

  4. I love this: *no snitching – double gangsta!
    I didn’t know the rules of ‘no snitching’ crossed boundaries into communites like the Broadmoor. I need to read up on the rules of no snitching I guess.