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Development Update?

In traveling around the neighborhood, I’m seeing some projects emerge that I don’t have any info about.

Does anybody know what’s going in at 20th and Union (between Katy’s and 2020)?

Does anybody know if there are plans for a business at 30th and Cherry (next to the bodega)?

Speaking of the bodega, i walked by there the other day and they were cookin’ up something interesting. Has anybody ever eaten there? What’s that guy go going on in the back?

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  1. Four commercial condos are going up in the previously vacant lot on the north side of Union. They’re 1 1/2 stories, or a first floor and a loft layout. They’ll be for sale individually, although I bet the developer would also be delighted to sell them all together.

    BTW, Carole’s Essentials, an ethnic gift and card shop, has reopened at 2008 E Union Th-Sat 2-6pm. Carole used to be where the Peacock Subs are now south of the PO.

  2. There was supposed to be a Topolino’s Pizza opening there last year, but I heard from the owner that the building was so contaminated (former dry-cleaners) that they were having a very hard time with it. Now the Topolino’s on Capitol Hill has closed or moved, so I can’t get any more information, *or* good NY-style pizza.

  3. The developer says no live, just work. It would be up to the buyer to get an occupancy permit to live there. I have no idea how easy/difficult that might be.

  4. I like how the pb elemental site gives the location as Ballard. I know some people are wary of using the CD name, but srsly? I know, I know, it’s just a typo. Ha.

  5. Has anyone heard anything about this place? We would love to see it turn into something useful (preferrably food/restaurant). It must have contamination issues too.

  6. Dry cleaners are notoriously hard to redevelop due to the almost certain presence of toxic chemicals that are left on the property. I believe this one is in a similar situation.

  7. Does anyone else find the proximity to the house next door scary. this is one ugly project so far.