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CDNews Police Scanner – 1/15

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, January 15, 2009

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  1. I just took a quick stroll outside and saw a broken window and missing stereo from a car parked on 14th and E Yesler by the bus stop.

  2. A little before noon a brown Suburban with tinted windows was rolling very slowly down 30th. The car would slow or stop in front of each house and the two men inside would gesture at the house and at each other, then move on to the next house. Seems like casing to me. Similar circumstances as the suspicious activity reported above.

  3. 30th Ave & MichelleK–
    Did either of you call 911? Please, if you see something suspicious, call it in–911!
    (your neighbors)

  4. Around 11:00PM on 31st and E. Arlington Place in Madrona? Neighbor informed me (wasn’t home at the time) there was a multi-police response on the block…by midnight a Lincoln Tow Truck was removing a large, dark SUV-ish vehicle from the alley way. Would love to know what/who SPD was chasing on my lawn while I was away.