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Door to Door guy?

Hello. I have lived on 15th between Jefferson and Alder for over a year. Tonight at 6:30pm a guy came to the front door. He Handed me a Family and Kids Directory (He had a stack and I know they are on the free stands at grocery stores) and spoke about a project to help clean the streets. He asked for a donation of $7, or a garbage bag.
Just wanted to see if he had been to anyone else’s house. It sent up some red flags. It also sounded like some of the odd door to door experiences I have read about on here.
Thanks all

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  1. We had a donation or garbage bag guy up by Union over the summer. He came to the house three times in two days with a different story each time. It’s the garbage that stands out this time.

  2. During our 9 years in the CD, we probably had a dozen guys knock on our door with various scams. The two most popular ones were:

    1. Guy having some kind of car trouble and needs $ to avoid being towed
    2. Guy hands you free magazine and asks you to donate to some charity (clean up the streets, after school programs for kids, etc.)

    Apparently these scams must work sometimes, since they keep trying them after all these years. I must admit that I gave up $5 the first time this happened.

  3. It might be the same fellow who comes around about once a year with his free mags (sometimes Colors, sometimes the Medium). I usually give him a couple bucks and he’s on his way. If he came around more often, I wouldn’t donate but he’s not a bad sort, doesn’t come in the house so it doesn’t feel like he’s casing the place. Weird way to make a living.

  4. My Neighbor told me that she gave him the $7 and some cookies for the “clean-up” on Cherry street effort he was doing with some students. The reason why she believed him is because he pointed to our house and said that we knew him /the organization and that we gave him money and a garbage bag.

  5. and close the door. if everyone did this (instead of rewarding a scam by ‘donating’ money) then he wouldn’t do it. i hate being pan-handled on the street, why would i want to be panhandled in my home?

    Just say no.