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Armed teen found in Garfield Teen Life Center

PI reporting this morning.

17-year old kid recently bused out of a juvenile detention facility in Woodinville (he hid amid the vineyards) and was found with loaded gun with hollow pt munitions, bottle of brandy, and 3.6 grams of marijuana. Seems like he was ready for action.

Sad fact is he’ll be back on the street since he’s a juvenile.

“The handgun police found was loaded and chambered with hollow point rounds, according to a police report.

After a brief struggle, police also reported finding a half-empty bottle of brandy and 3.6 grams of marijuana.”

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  1. Maybe not by legal definition, but that rule gets stretched more and more as these stupid kids pull stunts like this…they aren’t kid crimes, so they aren’t kids anymore.

  2. let’s hope. a heart warming tale no doubt. hollow pts should get you thrown in no matter the age. that’s some intent to do damage.

  3. I am curious as to how one (or a group) go about getting these laws changed. If these evil little rats can hold a gun with hollow points (which are meant to kill for sure), they should be held accountable as a grown up adult in the legal system instead of relying on a loop hole of age, they have grown too smart for the system and know we will just slap their little gun holding hands and pat them on the back and send them back out to practice more terror. These rats are hard enough to find as they slither around society we need to keep them locked up when we catch them.

  4. …what are hollow points? I mean, I could guess by reading the above posts but can ssomone fill me in? Thanks– not too familiar w/ specifics of guns and bullets!

  5. Hollow points are usually intended to expand (mushroom) and cause more damage to the target and surrounding tissue once the tartget is hit. Some think they are more precise due to the way the weight is distributed during it’s thrust.

  6. The tip of the bullet is hollow, so it expands on impact, which slows the penetration speed and causes more tissue damage on impact.

    In other words, they’re designed specifically to kill people more efficiently than regular bullets.

  7. Hollow point bullets do not have the rounded nose and copper plating that Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets have. Instead they have a small cavity in the tip (You can see pictures on Google images or Wikipedia). The purpose of the cavity is to cause controlled expansion of the bullet and increase energy transfer to the target. When a bullet hits somebody keeps going out the other side it is a waste of energy and a danger to others. Basically, the bullet hits the target, flattens out and hopefully stops before exiting the target. FMJ bullets can over-penetrate meaning they go through a body and keep going, remaining deadly to bystanders.
    All bullets are designed to be deadly, but are hollow-points deadlier? Yes, to the person getting shot, but safer to the others in the community who don’t want to get hit by pass-throughs. The media likes to through in the little bit about the hollow-points to make it seem like this 17 y.o. really wanted to kill someone. He could do that just as easily with FMJ bullets as hollow-points.

  8. safer to the community?


    that’s like saying the guy drunk on beer is a better drunk driver than the guy drunk on straight whiskey.

  9. serious? not really,
    To use your drunk analogy, it would be better to have the drunk driving a Prius than a Mack Truck. Both will kill you, but one will kill you deader.