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Video Proof: Slick CD Hills

Here’s some video clips I caught on my morning tour.  The black diamond routes that we talked about last night were big problems, and rear-wheel drive vehicles had trouble with the blue routes too.  



0 thoughts on “Video Proof: Slick CD Hills

  1. Movie freezes at ~ 2:22 (or the dog is VERY still in the snow, frozen with tail in air).

  2. I’m having a lot of Apple video software frustrations today (video is an immense pain). Dog-less version coming soon

  3. I heard the icy stuff can hurt the pads on thier paws.

    Also, parents of teenagers, find an empty lot covered with snow and ice and have them learn what sliding feels like and how to control the car. One of the best things my Dad ever did for me…

    Heck, if you don’t know how to drive in this stuff, try it when the roads are clear, but there is still ice on a school or church lot.

  4. A word of wisdom to people trying to drive up hills—-the more you use the gas, the more you’ll spin your tires. It will NOT help you go up hills at all.

  5. I particularly like the car sliding backwards downhill with a full coating of snow over the rear window. That’s worth a ticket right there.