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Union Street Business Group

About 4 years ago Jean Tinnea, Darryl Durden, Mike Cruz and myself were working on starting a business group for Union street so that we could collectively work on making the area thrive.  It was a fairly traditional organization with monthly meetings that quickly dissipated due to life being busy for everyone.

Fastforward to this year when I was admiring CleanGreens spanky social networking site.  This could be a smooth way to ressurrect the Union Street Business Group in a more open egalitarian way with less overhead.  We don’t need formal organizational structure to make things happen.  Anyone can join for free, get some ideas going, show some initiative to make things happen, and find help to make positive changes.  This is mostly for businesses in the Central District to have a place to work together and stay in touch.  But we are all interconnected here and a thriving business area and a thriving neighborhood needs everyones input.  

So now the Union Street Business Group has one of these nice websites where we can share ideas and get things organized.  I took the existing graphic and made some window stickers for local businesses.  I’ll bring some around or you can drop me a line [email protected] and I will get you one.  So go to, join up, and let’s see what we can make happen around here.  

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  1. Too bad the place I work at blocks social networking sites. But, good for small businesses in the community.

  2. What’s the Chamber of Commerce up to around the CD? Seems like that’s the more traditional pro-business/social networking organization in other communities. I see their little office accross from the Safeway all the time and I’ve wondered about how active they are.

  3. The Madison Street area (17th to 24thish) just down the street is also being revitalized. I recently reported news of that, and offered a new survey of desired businesses:

    Go straight to survey via:

    Maybe we should compare survey results. Jim Mueller should be interested in both surveys!