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Snow Pack Outside

Back on a lighter note, I went out and cut the snow in half on top of a box outside. It took a bread knife because of the ice in the middle! Note the ice line just shy of 7″.

We went out for a walk today, and talked with a guy outside Katy’s. He summed it up pretty well, “I don’t want to watch any more TV, I don’t want to watch any more movies, I don’t want to eat any more food. I’m actually looking forward to going back to work.” :)

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  1. We went out and x-city skied about 9 or so miles this afternoon. I’m ready for some TV and some food…. Actually it was a lot of fun. We went down 22nd to the middle school, across 23rd and MLK, walked through the tunnel, down to Lk Washington Blvd, turned around about 2/3rds of the way to Seward, came back through Mt. Baker via 30th. We actually saw quite a few others out on skis – mostly down at the lake, but some up in the neighborhoods too.
    Tomorrow I intend to try to get to work through some combination of bus/bike/walk (I only have to go 6 miles thankfully).

  2. hey.

    We’re open at All Purpose Pizza…good eats, good beer, cool play area for the kiddos…we’re loving seeing all our neighbors at the restaurant…

    Bundle up and come on down (or up) …

  3. comments like that are so weird to me. i always have piles and piles of books to read, movies to watch, emails to answer, photos to take, stuff to sell on ebay, things to clean, laundry to wash, boxes to sort through, home improvement projects, websites to update, etc. though i guess it helps to live with someone you’re dating, too, as that provides a nearly infinite amount of enjoyable ways to pass the time ;)

    but there’s really no need nor reason to stay in the house when you live within walking distance of movie theaters, bars, restaurants, and plenty of other things to do/see