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School Board Meeting comments

No new surprises were presented at Wednesday’s School Board meeting. However, it is important for the communities to seriously consider and act on the offer by individual Board Members to meet with affected communities. Sherry Carr indicated that she has been meeting with the affected school communities and their advocates and finds it very helpful. All members than echoed that they have been meeting with various communities and invited communities to contact them for appointment. Peter Maier also stated that such meetings help inform him.
School Board contact information:

Cheryl Chow is out of town. Peter and Sherry seem quite responsive to email.

The Superintendent confirmed that most Secondary (Middle and High School) change proposals are no longer being considered. The exceptions are the closing of Meany, and changes to NOVA and Summit K-12.

Several Board Members seemed to be carefully considering the case that has been made by advocates for the African American Academy.

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