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Evening Commute Update

Just got back from another walk around the neighborhood. Flat streets like 23rd Ave seem to be doing better. They’re still mostly packed snow and ice, but are slushy in intersections and other well-traveled areas.

Hills are still pretty treacherous. We saw 4WD and other similarly capable cars managing to go up and down Cherry St, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s still very slick and you’re likely to slide into someone or have some other fool slide into you. Refer to the slopes map for what to avoid.

Buses are nonexistent. We didn’t see any on the common routes: #48, #3, or #4. We didn’t make it to Union, but I’m guessing it’s still out of action too. The Metro Weather Update page shows that the #8 & #9 are temporarily suspended, and many others are on “unpublished reroutes”. Call 206-553-3000 for details.

Here’s some more snowy photos:

Uploaded by Fran M

Uploaded by Fran M: viburnum ‘Dawn’

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  1. Union is still out of commission west of 19th but I did manage to get my car home which was stuck on the hill! People are still sledding down the icy hill.