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Let's play, “Where's PLOWdo”

Day 5 and still only one plow down Union. 

Madison seems nicely plowed.  In wedgewood, 35th street is bare pavement and, according to friends, has been plowed several times.

Have you seen PLOWdo?  Where’s Plowdo? 

Hmm, curious minds want to know why we don’t see many plows in our neighborhood?  Does City Hall not care about the CD?  Hmmm.  Has Mayor Nickels heard of Jane Byrne?

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  1. Besides that, there is apparently no mail delivery today. Did anyone else in 98122 get any?

    A couple of days ago I received a large credit card bill with barely enough time to get my payment in on time if I mailed the check the next morning (which I did) – apparently the bill was held up somewhere, because the usual schedule lets me take as many as three whole days to mail my payment without huge penalty.

  2. We got mail today at HQ. Postman braved the icy steps that hadn’t been shoveled since early on Sunday.

  3. Funny I was talking to my dad this morning about all the snow (he’s back in Pittsburgh on the East Coast). He was surprised when I mentioned we weren’t getting mail. He’s retired now but he once was a acting postmaster in Pittsburgh and was almost fired for not delivering the mail once after a bad storm. I guess his district had 14 inches overnight, and in an effort to make sure they could get the trucks out they parked them in the mall parking lot next door. Unfortunately the plows cleared the lot only to bury his trucks. A city strike was in effect and he wasn’t able to get city workers to help dig them out. He was only able to send the walkers out. He took ALOT of heat for doing this. Says the only reason he wasn’t fired because its in the regulations that delivery in a emergency is up to the postmaster.

  4. Saw a plow heading south on 23rd around 6:40 tonight. We also didn’t get our mail today (25th and Union).

  5. We walked to the Post Office today and saw a plow southbound on 23rd around 3pm, near Cherry, I think. We’ve yet to see a plow anywhere near our apartment, however. I’m disgusted by the city’s lack of responsibility for dealing with snow/ice. I don’t think that the CD is particularly being singled out in this – my friends all over the city are seeing a similar lack of response.

    (Our walk to the P.O. was just to stave off cabin fever and buy some stamps – we have been getting regular mail delivery throughout the storm, although our street has not been plowed even once.)

  6. We didn’t get mail either…..and we are only 2 blocks from the PO….and our steps have been shoveled.

  7. Saw a plow eastbound at 4:15 on Union from 34th-ish and then saw it headed up Union towards downtown. Hope that means the #2 is back in service tomorrow. Oh, and no mail today either.