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Another Charity Christmas Tree Lot in the CD

Yesterday I bought a small Noble Fir tree from Kringle’s Korner in the Grocery Outlet parking lot. All proceeds from sales at this lot go to help the Capitol Hill Alano club. Here is the organization’s description from its website:

Founded by Seattle’s recovering gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community in 1982, the Capitol Hill Alano Club (CHAC) is committed to supporting twelve-step groups in their primary purpose of carrying their messages to those seeking recovery by providing a safe and permanent meeting place.

They cut the bottom, trim the boughs as you like and even offer free delivery in the local neighborhood. Entire purchase is tax deductible. I recommend them.

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  1. Dunshee House (Seattle AIDS Support Group, ) has two tree lots at Dunshee House (near 15th Ave Safeway) and at Rainier Avenue Safeway:

  2. i’d also point out these folks work what seems like 24 hours a day at this place. love their trees

  3. We bought our little tree from their Grocery Outlet lot last year and had a great experience. I recommend them!