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23rd & Madison Safeway REALLY busy @ 3PM, dead @ 9

Snow started while we were shopping at ~ 3 PM. Great lines of customers, few carts available, all checkouts working (and all very efficient), lots of people with backpacks. More people than I’ve ever seen there.

Other stores:


  • Trader Joe’s busy but very short lines
  • Madison Market: busier than TJ’s but fine
  • 15th Ave Safeway: busy, but less so than the Madison Safeway.

Addendum (9 PM):

  • Trader Joe’s: about 1 customer and several people stocking shelves
  • Madison Market: closed
  • 23 & Madison Safeway: very, very quiet. Good time to shop!

About an inch of new snow over the icy sidewalk makes for generally easy walking, though the underlying ice occasionally makes itself known. Cars are sparse, well-spaced and all seem to be coping OK with Pike, Pine, 15th & Madison.

Saw several #11’s in a row going towards downtown at around 17th & Madison. One was coming up Olive to Madison. We suspect they’re turning round at 23rd & Madison, rather than going down the steep part of Madison. Several cars made it up that section while we watched.

0 thoughts on “23rd & Madison Safeway REALLY busy @ 3PM, dead @ 9

  1. I was there around 2 PM. People were unpleasant even for how crowded it was. I narrowly escaped getting run over by homicidal cart pushers several times and the nasty man in line behind me shoved me because he wanted me to load my backpack faster. I know that the holidays & weather are stressful but it brought out the worst in people at Safeway.

  2. We stopped in at the Red Apple around 3pm. It was VERY busy, but everyone was friendly. They were looking pretty cleaned out, especially of staples like bread.