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More Photos: On Madison & 23rd, by Safeway

Just wanted to share some pics of whats going at the north edge of the CD. These are from my walk to Safeway this morning, around 11AM. Safeway was packed with people trying to get provisions before the weather gets worse.

Most of Madison near Safeway was sanded, with even a little bare pavement in places; despite all this, some cars still skidded when trying to start after a red light. Sidewalks ok if you walk on the fresh snow; lots of ice and compact snow though (of course).

So that’s the view up here this morning. I’m sure all of this will look much worse though, after tonight’s storm. Stay safe everyone!

The 5 photos I’ve posted are (in order of appearance):
At Safeway, facing west
At Safeway, facing east
Intersection of Madison, John, and 24th
John is closed
24th, facing Madison

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