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Woman Screaming on 2400 block of Irving

Did anybody hear/does anyone know what happened with the woman screaming on 2400 block of Irving at about 11:40 last night? I heard her say “I wont call the police on you. I just want to get my kids away.” He said something like “Get in the @#$% car.” By the time I had the police on the line she was gone from in front of my house. I had one glance of the little girl. She seemed to be about six with many little braids with white barrettes and a pink jacket. I’m worried for the kids and the mother. I didn’t recognize the girl as someone from our block. Does anybody? Unfortunately I couldn’t see the woman or the man.

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  1. And also called the police. Very troubling. I couldn’t see what was going on, but heard the woman — I called police a second time when I heard the children. The police arrived after the yelling stopped.