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Obama Wins!!3{3}Election Results Open Thread

What a huge, momentous day.  Congrats to everyone in the neighborhood who hoped for it. Congrats to everyone who worked on Obama’s campaign or donated $25, or $50, or $100 to support it.

When I was waiting in line to vote today, I saw an elderly woman who looked to be about 95. She was the kind of neighbor that many of us have here in the CD – someone who’s lived quietly in her little house for 60 years and seen all of the changes both here and around the country during that time. She was less than 5′ tall and you could tell that for someone of her age just getting out of the house and walking down that long school hallway was not an easy thing. But after she voted there was a look of calm, peaceful, optimistic satisfaction in her face.  Like she had been waiting to fill in the little bubble for all of her life. And as she left, she stopped to shake hands and say hello to almost everyone standing in line like they were all old friends.

I’m glad that she, and I, and everyone else got a chance to be a part of this.

God Bless America, all of the better angels of our national nature, and the hope that we all have for the future of this uniquely great country.

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  1. Can you hear the fireworks in the Central District? Firecrackers popping and fireworks going off in Madrona Playground. Let;s celebrate!!!

  2. what i hear is police helicopters hovering over where some beautiful fireworks have been going off. it’s irritating but typical to the district.

  3. After 400 years we are healing the wound!!!
    Incredible party/celebration at the Columbia City Theater by us 37th Dist. Demo’s! It spilled out in the streets!!
    We woke to much needed sunshine this morning!

  4. I’m pretty young, I’ve voted in three presidential elections now but this is this first one where I actually feel good about the results and my future in America. I’ve been embarassed of this country for my whole adult life. I hope that will change very soon.

  5. Since before Reagan. And even before that. I voted for the first time in 1976, and this is the first time I feel like I voted for real change and maybe, just maybe a country that can come together to solve OUR problems.


  6. I’m so freaking proud of us!!! I feel redeemed! Go USA!

    (Well, except for California – what’s up with Prop 8?)

  7. Whenever I travel, it’s so painful to say where I’m from that I just say “Seattle”…I don’t have to do that anymore. :OD

  8. I don’t mind so much that Obama won, but the fact that we have to live with Christine Gregoire for four mor years is really, really irritating. SHe is going to bankrupt this state. (She already has)

  9. Fireworks are not legal within the city limits. Nor is littering, but there are still bags and piles of garbage on Capitol Hill from all of the Obama supporters that partied with reckless abandon. I think this is a small sample of what is to come with this administration.