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Checking out my house

After reading so many times here at CDN about the most trend of these young and not so young people breaking into people houses and thinking, “I’m so glad that is not us”, well think again. After I left this morning for work, my neighbor saw somebody looking into my other neighbor’s house and then coming to check out my front door with a flash light in hand, my kind neighbor confronted him and the suspect responded fu%$*# and then walked away slowly.
This really worries me since my wife was at home with my 2 kids and the rest of the neighbors were already awake and this young person was not even scare of the situation.
I felt that by living in a group of townhouses, we were immune to this kind of people but this is not the case.
My neighbor called the cops afterward and my wife contacted the east precinct to see if is anything that we can do to try to stop this huge violation of our privacy and our well being, we can’t live in fear around our neighborhood.
Here is the description of the suspect:
height: approx 5’7″
clothes: black baggy pants
black shoes, and black hooded jacket with white bull logo
just like Texas longhorns.

the guy was black with short hair and faint thin mustache
and looked like he was 19-21 yrs old.
Please lock your doors and windows and be suspicious of unknown people around your houses.

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  1. Unfortunately that description fits about half the people I see walking around the C.D. and they all walk so slowly like they are checking everything out for any opportunity for mischief. Good for your neighbor for confronting him. The more they know people are watching, the more likely they are to move on to someplace else.

  2. Yep — the description matches a guy I see at the corner of our street all the time. Saw him again this morning while I was leaving the house. He seemed quite interested in watching us leave.