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King Creole Review in the Stranger

pretty good. nice to see.

Seedy + CD = lame

Note from scott:  This is a very tasty new neighborhood business, so get over and try it out.  And when your done, tell us about your experience.

0 thoughts on “King Creole Review in the Stranger

  1. I tried this new place right after it first opened. Very tasty, had the gumbo and ribs. The gumbo was some of the best I’ve tasted and the ribs are right up there.
    My only complaint is the portions are small for the price. I think if they want regulars from the neighborhood they need to lower the prices or up the portions.

  2. I love the food at King Creole. Sure the prices are a dollar or so higher than I’d like to pay but the food is so great it is well worth every penny. And if enough of us support them, perhaps a higher volume of business would allow them to lower the prices a bit.

  3. It’s pretty darn great and belies the storefront character. This could be served in a schmantzy restaurant and folks would pay lotsa $$