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Secure Your Obama Memorabilia

Amanda in Madison Valley has a warning for anyone who plans on keeping their Obama campaign paraphernalia:

I wanted to let you know that our Obama yard sign was stolen late last night/early this morning. (Also its wire frame.)  It was in our yard, intertwined with the rosemary and lavender bushes. 

(We have chairs, toys, push mower, etc outside–nothing else was taken.)

Apparently, all “official Obama” items are hot sellers on e-bay. 

So, people might want to consider moving them inside and showing support from their windows.

I don’t know how I’m going to explain it to my 8-year old daughter:-(

Lock it up now, and in 25 years you can sell it on Ebay and fund your retirement.

0 thoughts on “Secure Your Obama Memorabilia

  1. Yeah, we were bummed that someone took our obama sign. I want one of those “HOPE” posters that kind of looks like a soviet propoganda poster. Silly me — I was waving one on an overpass above I-5 on Tuesday, but then I gave it back at the campaign headquarters on Pike. Should’ve held onto it.

  2. hey..

    i went to 3 places yesterday (w/kids in tow) to try to get a newspaper…all were sold out.

    Can I order one from either Seattle times/PI? i recall being able to do this…

    anyone know?

  3. My magnet went straight onto my fridge and I think there it will stay for the forseeable future.

  4. I called the P-I this morning asking if they were considering reprinting their front section from Wednesday’s paper, and the recep thought there were going to print a 4-page special section, but didn’t know any other details yet. She took my name and number and said she’d let me know. I’ll pass on the info when I get it!

  5. A few months ago I went down the Seattle Times offices on Fairview and got an extra copy of the special “farewell Sonics” section. I’d imagine they’d have a bunch of extra election issues there now (but it’s probably worth calling first).

  6. …do you realize that yet? No to mention quite probably doomed to extinction in several generations’ time. Hope? I think we’re nearly dead already. You can call that a nice projection, if you will, and head back to bed. Pleasant dreams!

  7. Two things have the possibility of saving this planet/species: Birth Control and Education

  8. I was taking pictures with the press and got a pass. I’m definately not letting that out of my sight. :)

  9. if you’re looking for obama memorabilia, here’s a book at a low price