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Anthem for Obama Election Night Party

We had a really fun time at the Election night party in the Cinema. The Yellow Hat Brass Band played a couple of numbers on stage after Obama’s acceptance speech.  Then a woman jumped out of the crowd and sang this great rendition of our National Anthem.  If anyone knows her please pass along her name.  We have been asked by a few people who she was but she is still unknown to us.  It was a magical moment to witness.

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  1. she can sing! i wish i’d been there for that. i bet it felt amazing.

    maybe she’s a friend of the guy in the band who escorted her onstage?

  2. she was beautiful and we all appreciated it so much. I saw her afterwards and told her she was awesome but i do not know who she is.

  3. That was the highlite of the evening for me; really stirring. I had assumed she was asked to sing ahead of time by the owners!

  4. I was there! This was the absolute best and most heartfelt rendition of the anthem Ive seen ever! People were going bananas after this! Thank you so much for posting this, it really sums up the night.

  5. Today is January 14, 2009 and HONEST to GOD this is the first time i have seen myself every since the day on Obama Day when i sang in front of the audience at the cinema on 21st in union, the National Anthem. For awhile i have been wondering where i can look myself up to see what i sounded like, and i have finally found myself, seeing myself singing in front of all those people. I was excited to sing in front of everyone and if anyone from the cinema wants me to sing again, I will be proud to do so. And for all you peole that commented on my singing, I thank you for doing so, that makes me feel good inside, i just can not believe it is me up there, and im on the enternet. It means a lot to me that they asked me to sing on an important day, Obama Day. If there is anyone out there that is very interested in my voice, and you want to discover me, you can Email me at [email protected] my message# is (206) 984-7662 Thank yall so much