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Mt Baker Home Burglarized – caught on camera

The incident happened near the edges of South & East Precinct. Burglar entered the home while owners of the house were asleep upstairs (5-6AM). Burglar’s photos and additional info are posted on the Rainier Valley Post blog. Please be aware and take a look to see if you might recognize the person and the van. Burglar appeared unfazed so likily not the first time.

Please contact SPD immediately at 625-5011 with any information.

0 thoughts on “Mt Baker Home Burglarized – caught on camera

  1. If anyone can recommend a good camera system, I’m all ears. The ones I’ve found online look ridiculously over-priced and under-functional.

  2. I can’t believe that LOUD coat he’s wearing…talk about balls! Not even worried about not blending into the night a little more.

  3. I don’t understand how the owners of this home were sleeping while mr. michelin here was robbing them? Did they not invest in a security system to go with this great camera system outside?

  4. I saw him walking around at 28th 29th and Dearborn tonight called SPD. The report operator finally found the case number 08-423200. He is still out there, still got that coat. So if you see him call with the case number.