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Streetlight safety

Forgive me if this has been covered recently — but I happened to be walking around my block tonight, and noticed 5 streetlights either out or blinking on and off.

So I reported them here:
It took about 2 minutes.

I reported bad streetlights online a few years ago, and crews were out within a week or so to fix them. If your light goes on and off every 5 of 10 minutes, it’s not conserving energy — it’s broken. Report it.

You need a little info to report a defective streetlight. That’s:
(1) the number on the pole (it’s a 4-digit number, with little metal numbers tacked to the pole in a vertical line), and
(2) the street number of the closest house, to make it easier for them to find the pole.

0 thoughts on “Streetlight safety

  1. I am a stickler for “on off” streetlights. I regularly report them on the website. Here’s what I have noticed: For ten years I have never had a problem getting one fixed in two weeks to one month at or within six to eight blocks of my business location which is near a major intersection. But I have been trying for three months to get a few in my neighborhood fixed all to no avail. What gives? Has anyone else had good or bad experiences with this? Maybe neighboor hoods are not as important? Or is it that these locations are not major streets or Madison Park addresses?

    I will report the three in my neighborhood again, but this will be the fourth time and, yes, they are currently doing their “on-off” thing, more off than on…

  2. I drive a scooter (need to be able to see the terrain) and the neglect of streetlights has been my pet peeve for several years. For Seattle City Light to expect people to stop and get a pole number is practically like expecting us to bring a ladder and a lightbulb and fix them ourselves. Fine if it’s in front of your house; impossible if it’s on your dark and rainy commute on a busy street. So — too bad for commuters. The same streetlights are out now as I noticed last December being out.

  3. Fran, getting the pole number does not do any good anyway. I have been reporting the same “on off” lights in my area for FOUR MONTHS and they are still out. They just don’t seem to care about this area. In their (SCL) defense, (though I am not likely wanting to defend them) they do need to know which light it is by the pole number as they will likely be repairing it in the daylight hours. If I knew what bulb the streetlights took, I would buy one and rent a Genie lift! Where do you get 480V bulbs anyway??? Grainger?