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CDNews Police Scanner – 10/24

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Friday, Oct 24, 2008

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  1. The 23rd Ave Corridor is getting WAYYYYY too much action for my comfort today. We need to have some serious time outs over there.

    Criminals, please sit and face the corner until you can play nice.

  2. Here’s a picture of the intersection not long after emergency crew responded:

    Saw one person being attended to by medics getting a neck brace. Scene was mostly calm so didn’t appear to be life threatening. Traffic detours were set up pretty quickly sending people coming up hill off to sidestreet before Aloha and people heading down 23rd right down Aloha where it starts up again on east side of 23rd. They even had a cop to keep people from coming down Aloha hill toward 23rd. The only people who got really hosed in traffic were the kids stuck on the bus a waiting to turn on 23rd just before the accident. They looked very, very bored.