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Incentive Zoning Workshop

Incentive Zoning Workshop

Organized by City Neighborhood Council

Tuesday, October 21, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

West Precinct Community Room – 810 Virginia Street, Seattle

Incentive zoning allows significant height and density increases in exchange for a public benefit, mostly “workforce” housing in the current proposal.

What will it mean to your neighborhood? 

What does it mean to the city?

Join the City Neighborhood Council for an evening dialogue on current proposals for enabling Incentive Zoning in residential and commercial areas outside of the downtown. The format will be short panel introduction of keytopics, followed by open discussion. The purpose of the meeting is to share a variety of perspectives on the concept of incentive zoning and the costs and benefits of applying it broadly across Seattle’s neighborhoods. Does incentive zoning produce a significant public benefit or is it a financial windfall for developers?

Focused discussion on:

*        What Incentive Zoning could look like in your neighborhood – it would apply to L-3, Midrise, High Rise and Neighborhood Commercial zones. 

*        What other zoning changes are coming related to Incentive Zoning e.g., changes to rezone criteria and multifamily code.


*        What is the perceived benefit of Incentive Zoning for Seattle. Should developers produce the units or be allowed to pay a fee instead?

*        What is the cost of enforcing the income eligibility requirements?

*        What has Incentive Zoning for affordable housing produced so far for the city… a net gain or loss?

*        What are the working definitions of “affordable” housing

Invited Participants Include:


*        Seattle City Council member Sally Clark, Chair of PLUNC

*        Dr. Richard Morrill, UW 

*        Linda Amato, Chair Seattle Planning Commission

*        David Bloom, Displacement Coalition

*        Tom Veith, Architect, Member Historic Preservation Board

*        Rick Hooper, Office of Housing

*        Mike Podowski, DPD Planner

*        Anna Nissan, Architect 

*        Other neighborhood & community leaders

Questions?  Contact Irene Wall 206.784.8731 or Cindi Barker 206.933.6968  –

CNC Neighborhood Council Neighborhood Planning Committee


The City Council Planning and Land Use Committee will be receiving public comment on the current proposal at their November 19th meeting and by email until the legislation is acted upon. So even if you missed the October 7th public hearing, it’s not too late to get informed and comment on this action.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION on “Workforce Housing” and Multifamily Code changes


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