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Wire Down on 22nd, Power Out

An electrical wire has fallen to the ground on 22nd between Marion and
Union. It’s taken out power on 23rd between Columbia and Cherry,
including the light 23rd and Cherry.

Be careful if out driving, as people appear to be ignoring the 4-way
stop rule.

The fire department is on the scene, but it could be a while before
power is restored, since City Light had to call in crews from home.

0 thoughts on “Wire Down on 22nd, Power Out

  1. My digital cable crapped out at just after 7:30, then—at least 4 times—everything electrical in my house would blink off and come back on, followed by a huge BOOM outside…I thought it was probably transformers blowing and they sounded very close (I’m just north of Marion on 20th)…nice work! Naturally no other media source in town has a clue. You scooped ’em!

  2. I really apreciate your coverage. We came home to blocked streets and the power outage at 10:30pm. Thank goodness for the iphones, offering us the chance to look this up.

  3. As always – CDN is on the case!

    We live at Main & 20th; the power cut out in our building and in two others that I could see around 7:30. We saw the rest of the neighborhood go dark about an hour later. From here, it looked like the outage extended further south than Main.

    According to my (blinking) clocks, looks like the power came back up around 1:30 this morning.

  4. My power remained available on 23rd between Pine and Pike, however after several deep power surges, my home computer network router went belly up, lost it’s configuration, and had to be rebuilt. Gotta get the UPS!

  5. Seemed hit and miss throughout the neighborhood. My house and the neighbors were out but the church a block away was lit up (I suppose maybe it was God Powered) and the street lights and houses a block south from that were out. Used it as an excuse to read by lantern light, stay offline for a night, and go down to Columbia Cinema to catch up on movies. Anybody able to actually contact City Light to report it when it first happened? I just got forwarded to the message that customer service was closed til Monday and the emergency line kept getting a “Call failed” when I tried to dial it from my cell.

  6. Well that really should be 2-5 star ratings but fat fingers vs iPhone gave 4 stars, not minutes after this was posted last night.
    Right on CDN!!
    Our experince was pretty much the same as mistamatic and I would echo the HUGE boom!

    random_dude – we were thanking our new UPS last night. Be glad it was a router and not a hard drive. Make the jump now! That branch fell in barely any wind and fall is just starting.