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Cat missing….

I don’t know if it is OK to post this, if not I will delete it. Around the neighborhood of 25th between Union & Pike we are missing our rather overweight grey & white long hair cat named Fuzzy. He normally stays in the yard, but he finds his way out sometimes. He went missing on Tuesday afternoon. If anyone spots him, please either call the number on his tag or send an email to [email protected] If you have seen him and he is deceased, please go easy on the report as he has been a member of the family for 10 years.

Thank you and I will get this post deleted immediately if he shows up,

-A very stressed out and sleep deprived pet parent

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  1. Thank you for responding and offering to look for him. I am just sick to my stomach over this. I walked around the neighborhood for an hour today, to no avail.

    Thank you for the help!

  2. He’s still gone. He’s never done this before, so I am assuming that he’s not coming back. We moved here three months ago from about 1 mile away. Is this area more prone to animal deaths for any reason? He was always an outdoor cat before.


  3. We are one block away from you on 26th, and we have not had any missing cat incidents in the 10 years we have lived here (and we have a few cats.)
    The animal shelter recommends checking every two days, they used to have a hotline where they would describe animals taken into custody and where they were found, but I can’t find the number anywhere – did they stop doing the hotline? I don’t know.
    I will tell my family to keep an eye out, and don’t give up hope completely, I had a cat lost in Magnolia for a month and she came back. Best of luck and may Bastet bless you.

  4. Thanks! I have called all of the hotlines and listened to descriptions. I will call again tomorrow and then go look at the one in Interbay. I let him out in the A.M. because he was whining to be outside and it was a nice day. He has a cat door to get back in. The street department came and jackhammered up a 6X12 section of the roadbed and I can only assume that this scared him. He’s a total scardey cat yet he looks tough….

  5. Have you found your cat yet? My son and I are always on the look out for lost pets in the neighborhood. I hope that your pet is at home or will be found soon. We will keep looking!

  6. Hi Trish,

    Thank you for looking! I can only assume that either it was his time and he knew it and left to pass (cats will do this) or that he was killed by a car or other tragedy. I will be checking all shelters once again, tomorrow, but do not hold out much hope……It’s sad that we got him a cool house to play in and in a way it killed him….We could tell that he really liked having an actual home to live in! I appreciate the watchful eyes!!