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Sudden Rash of Shots Fired

Things had seemed to be going so smoothly in September.   But in the last few days of the month we had a sudden uptick in shots-fired incidents, luckily without any bodily harm to anyone.

It started on Monday at 2:30pm with several shots fired at an unoccupied house near 14th & E. Alder.   Then yesterday at 4:40pm there was a second daytime incident on Alder at 19th, where shots were heard and several teenagers were seen running with guns in their hands.

Commenters to yesterday’s scanner reported hearing additional shots fired at around 9:45 last night.  

In the last few weeks we’ve begun recording the overnight scanner traffic.   We don’t regularly review it, but it does allow us to go back and look for specific events if we have a good time window.  

And based on our recordings from last night, we can confirm that police responded to two separate shots-fired calls at about 10:10pm.   One was reported by multiple people who heard 2-4 shots in the vicinity of 24th & Cherry.   The other was reported as 2 shots fired in the area of 27th & E. Alder.   A witness there saw multiple people running north and south from that location, with only one description of a person wearing a red sweatshirt.

So please keep your eyes and ears open at night and let us know if you find something of interest.  Try to make a note of the time as accurately as possible and we can go back to the recordings and try to find out what happened on the scanner.

0 thoughts on “Sudden Rash of Shots Fired

  1. Is there a way to make the scanner reports available (say as MP3’s in 15 minute chunks) for users to review if interested?

    Hey, I know there is: I use Audio HiJack Pro [a product of “Rogue Amoeba Software”) to record streaming radio shows every weekend! It slices and dices and time-stamps and saves as MP3’s.


  2. We’ve considered that before, but it’s down quite a ways on our TODO list. There’s a decent amount of work to make the audio browsable, and we’d have to restrict it to certain users due to the amount of sensitive information in the recordings.

  3. You once mentioned that you weren’t allowed to post scanner reports after 6PM. Is that true? And why is that?

  4. i think it was only because of members of scott’s household not wanting to listen to the scanner after that time. can’t really blame them.