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Late Night Citizen Scanner

Disturbance: 9xx 29th Ave S. – around 11:00 pm last night, about 6 cop cars descended upon this notorious brown 4-plex after a neighbor placed a call to 911. A lot of screaming and yelling could be heard involving several people, with threats of violence and gun use. Things quieted down quickly after the police arrived. There has been at least one drive by shooting here which occurred in 2007 where several houses were hit.

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  1. I’m glad I have A witnes to last nights events. I was watching Law and Order with my partner, and We heard the screams…It was hard to separate Reality from Fiction..May I give a hug to hoever called 911 . ONE seocond after the screams I heard the sirens coming . I told my partner ‘ Don’t mind they’re on their way. We proeceded to watch the sceene unfold as you .

    The gang unit car was also on the scean. Not your average responce, to a Rowdy Party.

    I have the Illegal Dumping thrown in my face as well. I used to rely on Rent Assistance and it saved my life. I was grateful, I never threw my disgarded personal posesession into the street.

    Thank You
    For Sharing Our Evening

    Sea Gul