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CDNews Police Scanner – 9/9

It’s a gorgeous Tuesday in Seattle’s East Precinct. ┬áHere’s the word on the street:

0 thoughts on “CDNews Police Scanner – 9/9

  1. when are all of these Seatacians going to stop bringing their crimes into our little neighborhood?

    I hereby suggest that the appropriate noun for criminals from that area might be “Seatackies”.

  2. Woah, was that a bunch of shots east of 23rd around Jackson? I called it in because even 5 mins after the real time dispatch didn’t show anything.

  3. It’ll only show up on the fire website if there’s injuries involved

  4. I don’t know but there were several. I was falling asleep so it didn’t really register until I heard the sirens…guess I’ve grown accustomed to gunfire again.