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Learn Spanish; Meet Neighbors

Somos Vecinos is returning.

Last Spring, for ten weeks, about twenty native English speakers and a similar number of native Spanish speakers got together for a couple of hours on Thursday nights for introductions to a new language and new neighbors. For the first half of the evening each of the two groups took part in separate group language lessons and then, for the remainder of the evening, the groups joined for language-learning exercises and conversation. The program, offered in the Japanese Congregational Church near the location of the planned new offices of CASA Latina in the Central Area, was deemed a big success and will be offered for a second ten-week session beginning on September 11.

The program is one of the many results of the vision and community-building efforts of John Jeannot,and is carried out by staff and volunteers of CASA Latina.

Emily Gaggia, of CASA Latina provides the following:

Somos Vecinos – We Are Neighbors!

Beginning Spanish Classes

· Learn Spanish
· Enjoy a multi-lingual, multi-cultural learning environment
· Meet local Latino language partners
· Get to know your new neighbors at CASA Latina
· Learn and practice Spanish with the Latino Community

Join CASA Latina in its new and exciting language exchange program,
Somos Vecinos – We are Neighbors, a program providing Spanish classes
for English speakers, and English classes for Spanish speakers. Take
part in a fun and educational space where we can come together as a
community and practice either English or Spanish with native
speakers. Learn a new language, make friends, and learn more about
your community!

Start date: Thursday, September 11th
When: Thursday evenings 6 pm to 8:15 pm
Location: Japanese Cong Church. 305 17th Ave S.
Cost: $100 for ten classes. Financial Assistance available
Childcare available for a small cost. This is a ten-week session.

For more information, or to register, please contact Emily Gaggia at
CASA Latina
[email protected]

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  1. Although I can’t make this round of classes, my Spanish could use a lot of polish. Please always update us regarding these classes